Ufo Pictures, Sightings of Ufo's in action

This page contains some excellent ufo pictures and photos of ufo's in action. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these ufo pictures. We invite you to show these ufo pictures to your friends. We update this site frequently with new ufo pictures and photos of ufo's.

Another great ufo picture that is really close up.

Here is shot one. It could not have been higher than a airplane you'd see on any day. I was not zoomed in at all. I didnt catch sight of it in my viewfinder (like I said, I was shooting clouds) After this shot, I dropped my camera, and looked at the preview window. As I went back up to shoot, there it was. To be honest in a couple of these shots, I could not see it very clearly, it was very shiny, and I guess it took on a lot of the sky color. I shot some with both eyes open. In this shot it was not moving. The edges are from the UV and haze filters on the camera, which I was using the weekend before. Unfortunately they show up on the still cam, but not the video.

This is a really good pic.

This is an old photo but it is still very good.

Genuine ufo picture!

his is a pretty good picture, the craft is shown really well.