Ufo Cover up, Does the government and army know about ufos and cover up

New Article Reveals that a cover-up may be certainly what is going on when it comes to ufos. Read the article here.

Is there a ufo cover up?

Many people think that there is. Since the Roswell Ufo incident in 1947 many people feel that the army and certain parties of certain governments are hiding evidence found from ufo crashes and other ufo evidence. Another popular ufo crash was the Kecksburg ufo crash which raises too many questions to be disregarded. The army was seen hauling off something round and very large from the scene, and later denied removing something of that description from the site. Even many army personnel workers have reported being told to not tell anyone when they saw ufo's in the sky. At one incident several air force pilots witnessed several ufo crafts flying in the sky above them. The same day the commander told them all that they didn't see anything.

So many similar incidents exist, just turn on the Tv when such programs come on. If you have watched any of these programs you will find it hard to deny many of the cases presented and with good reason. I myself watched one this weekend which features over 80 police officers from the same county who were in different locations and all reported seeing flying saucers in the night sky with vivid descriptions, 80 police officers are bright and alert and wouldn't all report to seeing ufos if they were not pretty sure it was ufos. They would not want others to think they were crazy.

Could the army and government been hiding this ufo secret for so long. The answer is yes, and they are basically laughing in our faces. They fill us with nonsense about what the sightings actually were when they know that they were real. Millions of ufo sightings have been reported could all of them be wrong, impossible.

There is just too much evidence suggesting that there is a cover up. If you have seen the Bob Lazar video you will understand as well. Why they haven't told us yet is the big question, whether it is to avoid mass panic or because it would mean admitting they have been lying to us all these years. Which is the answer? For the moment I don't know, hopefully we will find out.