Real Alien pictures, Genuine pictures of aliens

It seems that Egypt is not the only place that has been visited by Aliens in ancient times. This plate called 'The Lolladoff plate' is a 12,000 year old stone dish found in Nepal. It clearly shows a disk shaped UFO (top of pic, hard to see from the angle of the plate however). There is also a figure on the disc looking remarkably similar to a Grey. Notice the spiral galaxy shape as well, with the alien inside it and the ufo at the begging of it. Galaxies come in spiral shape and through out India, Egypt and Peru and other ancient sites the spiral shape is very often seen. This galaxy spiral is probably there to tell us that they flew here from another galaxy, or the spiral shape could signify energy or eternity, other meanings attributed to the spiral by Egyptians and other ancient cultures with inexplicable advanced methods in astronomy and spirituality.

Picture of a rock carving in Egypt, I took this picture myself and up close you can see that this creature resembles a grey alien or a similar race of aliens as the greys. The alien creature has long fingers and an elongated skull as well as a long neck, and eyes that are larger than normal humans. This alien photo is not the best quality unfortunately, the distorted look is because of a slight movement when I took the picture. If you go on page 14 of our alien pictures, you will see better pictures that are also from Egypt. We do recommend though that you take a look at all our great pictures.

The hieroglyphics to the left are taken from an Egyptian tomb. Note the craft on the right that looks like a flying saucer or modern jet aircraft, the picture on the left resembles a helicopter with astonishing likeness, surprising since this artwork is more than 5,000 years old. How did these pictures end up there? Easy these crafts no doubt existed back then, a statue of a small craft resembling a modern day aircraft was also found in Egypt. It is in a museum today, when analyzed it showed symetry in the design of the statue signalling knowledge of flight way back in Egypt. Forget the Wright Brothers, the Egyptian brothers were way before them.

Some people think I am naive for believing in this stuff. The reason why they think that is because modern society has taught them that believing in this sort of thing is a sign of being naive or a little thick. But after reviewing the evidence in this case, and several ufo and alien documented cases any intelligent judge would rule in favor of alien existance as crazy as that may sound. In any other case with so much evidence the ruling would be clear, but in this case, the judges are impartial unfortunately.