Ufo Landings

On November 2, 1957, one of the best documented cases of UFO landings took place in Levelland, Texas, at the time a city of about 10,000 people. This night would be the most unforgettable experience ever for patrolman A. J. Fowler, who was manning the police call line. He received fifteen different calls from anxious citizens reporting UFOs. The sightings began at 11:00 PM, some four miles west of town. Pedro Saucedo and friend Joe Salaz were driving in a pick-up truck, and observed a brightly lit cigar-shaped object heading in their direction.

200 Foot Long Object: Pedro's truck began to fail, the engine cut out, and the electrical system went dead. The truck was allowed to roll to a stop. Pedro and his friend recalled the unknown object as being 200 feet long. In the small town of Whiteface, he called in what he had seen to Fowler, who thinking he was talking to a drunk person, dismissed the call.
Brightly Lit Egg-Shaped Object: At 11:45 PM, Fowler gets his second call of the night. Near the small town of Whitharral, located four miles east of Levelland, a man encountered an egg-shaped object, this time the object was sitting in the middle of the road. The object was brightly lit. The man left his vehicle, watching the object from a safe distance. Shortly, the UFO slowly raised from the ground to an altitude of about 200 feet, and disappeared. His vehicle had also stalled, but

Object Lands on Road: At 12:00 AM, the third call of the night comes in. A man traveling about 11 miles north of Levelland sees a UFO sitting on the road. His vehicle is disabled. He sits for a time watching the unknown craft. Before long, the silent object lifts up, and disappears into the night. The man's car immediately fires up again. He drives to the nearest telephone, and calls in his report.

Object Sitting on Road: At 12:10 A.M, Texas Tech freshman Newell Wright was driving 9 miles east of Levelland when his engine failed. The nineteen-year-old got out of his car, popped open the hood, and tried to see if he had an electrical problem. He then saw an unknown object landed on the pavement a small piece down the road. He estimated the object's length at 125 feet. It was a bluish-green color. It soon rose up and disappeared.

Fourth Object on Road: Only five minutes later, at 12:15 AM, another driver near Whitharral, encountered an unknown object in the middle of the highway. His vehicle also was disabled. Like the other drivers, after the object left, his vehicle returned to normal. After a fourth call reporting a landed object in the middle of the road, patrolman Fowler began to worry, and called patrol cars in the Levelland area to be on the look out for this object.

Orange Ball Lands on Road: At 12:45 AM, Fowler received yet another report from the general area of Saucedo's initial sighting. This time the driver sees an orange ball-like object coming toward him. He reported that the UFO made a soft, quiet landing on the pavement of the road. He also related a strange phenomena-the orange color of the object changed to a bluish-green color as it landed on the highway. He could also estimate the length of the object at about 18 feet, as it covered the entire width of the road.

200 Foot Long Object Seen Agaiin: There would be about a 30 minute lapse in the reports with the next one coming in at 1:15 AM. A truck driver from the city of Waco, Texas, made the call. He tells Fowler that driving northeast of Levelland, he saw a large unknown object which glowed in the dark sky. The man sounded frightened on the phone. The trucker noted that the object was about 200 feet long, which agreed with the initial Saucedo report. The man's truck, temporarily disabled by the object, roared back to life when the object left his area.
Two Policemen See Object: Up until 1:30 AM, all of the reports received by Fowler had been from civilians. That would change when he received a report from two lawmen, about 3-4 miles out of Levelland. Sheriff Clem and Deputy McCullough testified that they observed a "large, glowing object," pass across the highway in front of them. The had never seen anything quite like it. They had been monitoring Fowler's reports on the positions of the callers, and tracking the object. The officers stated that the entire highway was lit up below the sun-like object.

No Less Than 15 Reports: For reasons that we will never know, for some 2 1/2 hours on the night of November 2, 1957, the city of Levelland, Texas was visited by unknown flying objects that landed on the roads of the city and surrounding areas. Patrolman Fowler logged fifteen calls from concerned, and sometimes frightened callers. What exactly were the UFOs that landed in or near Levelland? Certainly, a full investigation was needed.

The day after the sightings, the entire city was full of newspaper reporters, and other interested parties. The United States Air Force did eventually arrive in Levelland, but only did a brief overview of the case. They theorized that "ball lightning" could be the cause of the sightings. Naturally, we know that ball lightning does not land on highways, and disrupt car engines. The case of the Levelland, Texas, landings is still unsolved.

On January 8, 1981, an extraordinary event occurred in Trans-en-Province, France. An unidentified object is seen landed in the yard of a man who will go by the name of Nicolai. The only drawback to the case is that it is a single witness case-the validity of the landing resting totally on his shoulders. The witness gave a full account of his sighting to police authorities, and he is considered a trustworthy and reliable individual. The case is an important one, and certainly one of the Best UFO Caseson record.

Background of Witness: Nicolai, at the time of the event, had lived at the same Trans-en-Province house for almost 14 years. He lived alone with his wife. The couple was a humble one, with Nicolai's wife working as a cleaning lady, and Nicolai retired from working for the SCNI company. Nicolai had suffered with a heart condition since 1973, which forced him into retirement six years later. He was sustained by a pension.

Flying Device Seen: On January 8, 1981, Nicolai was busy around his house as was his usual activity. He was outside in the back yard constructing a concrete foundation for a water pump. Nicolai used a path worn into the grass that ran along the side of the house. The temperature had began to dip around 5:00 PM, when he heard a noise... like a whistling sound. He turned to find the source of the noise, and was shocked to see a flying device which was level with a large pine tree near the boundary of his property. The object began to descend.

Four Openings in Craft: As the UFO continued its downward motion, Nicolai decided to move closer for a better view. He stopped against the wall of a cabin near the object. He clearly saw the object land in the yard. In just a moment or two, the UFO raised up, and took off. As it moved to tree top level, he could see four openings on the underside. The object had kicked up some dust as it made its way toward the Trans forest. Nicolai had watched the object from about 30 yards away.

UFO Described: Later, Nicolai would give investigators more details on the UFO. He says that the UFO was like two saucers, inverted on top of each other. He estimates the height as about 4 feet, and the color was a dull gray. There was also a ridge running the circumference of the object. He saw two small objects underneath the craft that he thought may have been landing feet.

GEPAN Investigates: GEPAN Investigates: GEPAN (a department of the French Space Agency responsible for the investigation of UFO reports) also reconstructed the trajectory and duration. The witness states he began to perceive the phenomenon in the sky above the trees at the back end of the large platform, more precisely between the two tall conifers that tower above the wood. Mr. Nicolai states that the motion was fast and continuous, without sudden changes in speed.

Conclusions: The Trans-en Province case is always included in discussions of some of the best cases from France, and also holds it own on a world-wide basis. Much investigation was done on the case, and though definite conclusions could be made, we must assume that a UFO landed briefly in France on January 8, 1981.