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Ufo Sighting With Pictures

Submitted herein is this UFO sighting/alien encounter story which occurred here in Aguada, Puerto Rico (a U.S.territory). This alien encounter and subsequent abduction was reported to several UFO/extraterrestrial investigator websites. However, it was so frightening that it reminded me of the "Amityville Horror" story. We had to abandon our house to move away from that rainforest after we bought it in August 2005. And recently sold the house because no investigator came to help us. We moved to another house away from the beach and that rainforest, and recently sold the house. The following 11 paragraphs were reported, however, included after that are additional occurrences that were not reported to any other websites before and which occurred after May 1, 2006.

On November 10, 2005, at approximately 3:00am, my daughter and I heard a weird humming sound like a hurricane wind going by the house. The sound was so strange that penetrated our ears. When my daughter and I looked outside, we observed what appeared to be a disc-shaped object moving westward towards the rear of the house where an enormous rainforest and a huge antenna are located and which leads all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The disc was silver in color with a row of windows around it and had a greenish haze or aura covering the craft. All the windows appeared to be a darker greenish color. The craft appeared to be descending as though it was about to land somewhere behind the house. We lived in Brooklyn, New York near Kennedy Airport for over 20 years and the airplanes flew low over my house 24 hours a day. I know what we have seen and the sound it made were something very unusual, something we've never heard or seen before. After that, my daughter and I heard the same sound at least twice a week. I used to go to sleep at 3:00am watching (Novelas) Spanish soap operas.

On Friday, April 28, 2006, at approximately 3:00am, I heard again the same sound going by my house. At about 10 or 15 minutes later I heard my dog (Dora) barking continuously in the backyard. When I went to investigate by turning on the backyard light (the light in the house was off) and by looking through my dining room window, I observed my dog lying on her back with her 4 legs up apparently unconscious. The dog was chained to a metal pole next to the back fence which separates my property with the rainforest in the back. I called her name, "Dora, Dora, what's wrong Dora?", but she did not respond. When I lifted my eyes and looked at the back fence, which is about 25 feet from where I was standing, I observed two creatures (extraterrestrials) standing close to and behind the chain-link fence looking at me. One of the aliens was about 3 feet from the dog and the other alien was about 5 feet away from the other alien. They were about 3 and a half feet tall with a large oval head and big black slanted eyes. They had pale grayish skin and a barely visible slit for a mouth and two little holes for a nose. They also had very skinny arms and they seem not to have any clothes on. Their legs were not showing because under the fence there was a cinder-block wall about one and a half feet high. I could only see them from the waist up. The aliens were staring at me and I was staring at them. I think that they were communicating with me telepathically because they were reading my mind when I said mentally, "I'm going to wake up my husband, Nelson," I left the window and walked through the hallway leading to the bedrooms. On the way to wake up my husband, they detoured me to the other bedroom to wake up my daughter instead. I woke up my daughter (17 year old at the time) and both of us went to the dining room window where we observed the creatures still standing in the same place. Again, they stared at us and we stared straight into their large black eyes for a while. My daughter said to me, "Mommy, I'm going back to bed because I'm scared, then I won't be able to sleep." I then followed my daughter to the bedroom because she was afraid to go by herself. Approximately 10 minutes later I returned to the dining room window, the aliens were still there in the same location. While staring straight into their big black eyes, the one closest to the dog was telling me in my mind to open the door leading to the backyard. I said in my mind, "I'm not going to open the door." He demanded telepathically, "You're going to open the door." I then felt myself moving towards the door and was getting drowsy.

I don't remember what happened after that, I woke up in my bed. I asked my daughter if she had seen the same thing in case I was imagining things. She described the incident and the creatures the same way and manner I described them. We then told my husband who slept in a separate bedroom facing the backyard. He slept there because my daughter was afraid to sleep by herself so I had to sleep with her. My husband stated that he did hear the dog barking wildly at about 3:00am. He said that he looked out the bedroom window, without getting off the bed, since the bed was against the window. He saw the dog barking towards the rainforest in the back, but thought that she was barking at a cat. He stated that he did not look at the fence or the rainforest and was so sleepy that he immediately went back to sleep. Please be advised that behind the back fence, where the aliens were, is an enormous rainforest that leads all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, where a huge antenna is located and is pitch black at night. I later found out that the antenna and the land where it sits are federal property owned and the area is fenced in.

What concerns me the most is that my husband informed me that he discovered the back door opened when he got up at about 8:00 in the morning, but did not know what happened. My daughter informed me that she opened her eyes about 5:00 in the morning and did not find me next to her in bed. She thought I was in the bathroom or somewhere around the house and went back to sleep. The dog did not want to eat or drink anything for days and was lying down apparently sick.

On Monday, May 1, 2006, at about 12:50am, while sitting in the living room and while talking on the phone, I saw a bright light, like an enormous light bulb, moving through the woods (the rainforest). I informed my husband and we immediately closed all the louver windows in the kitchen and dining room. I became hysterical and began to cry because I thought that they were after me and my husband had to calm me down.

At approximately 2:00am, the same night, I heard the same sound again over the house. Seconds later, while lying in bed, my husband and I heard a loud crashing noise like something hitting the flat concrete roof and shook the house like if something had landed there. We were afraid, but did not call the police for fear of being ridiculed and not come to investigate. It was such a terrifying experience that we didn't even considered to go outside and check it out. Instead the three of us huddled in one bed.

I feel relieved to know that I was not the only one seeing those alien beings. My 17 year old daughter saw them too. Otherwise I, myself, would think that I was hallucinating and imagining things. Could it be possible that I did open the backyard door and was abducted by the aliens? I don't know, my husband found the back door opened early in the morning. In addition, I have dotted puncture marks on my left hand which is circular and had a slight burning pain which diminished as time went by since April 28, 2006. Although faded it is still visible, especially when observed in person, after almost 2 and a half years. Please see enclosed pictures and drawings.

We moved from New York City and bought that house in August 2005 when my husband retired as an Assistant Deputy Warden after working for 20 years for the New York City Department of Correction (Riker's Island jail complex) and after getting a heart attack. I am a serious woman who doesn't like to lie. I never thought that we would go through something like that. But what my daughter and I saw and what my husband and I heard is the truth. Never in my life did I believe in UFOs or aliens. I never cared, seen, read or even heard anything about how they look like until we witnessed the unexplained here on the island. We moved to another house that we own in Aguada which is pretty far from the beach and that rainforest. And my daughter was so traumatized that we sent her to live with my sister in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Since we sold that house now we're planning to sell the other one to return to the U.S. mainland because I fear they're after me.

Several days after our encounter with the alien beings, on May 9, 2006, at approximately 1:00pm, we went to see Mr. Luis A. Echevarria, the mayor of Aguada. We were informed that he was not at City Hall, but attending a meeting in San Juan. We instead notified Mr. Martin Concepcion, who works for Puerto Rico's Civil Defense Agency in Aguada, and handed him a written copy of the incident. He stated that he will investigate, will put a request to the Municipal Police to patrol the area and will make a copy for the mayor. He also stated that he will get back to us, but he never did.

On May 11, 2006, at approximately 11:00am, we went to the channel 5 television network located in the city of Mayaguez. At the television network, we were interviewed by a young man who stated that here in Puerto Rico people are superstitious or when they report that they saw a UFO/extraterrestrial it is later dismissed as a hoax. My husband and I were so upset, we told him that we are "Nuyoricans" therefore not superstitious and just because someone lied, doesn't mean that we are liars.

We even sent emails to several Puerto Rican UFO investigative organizations, but they didn't email us back. We did not know who to turn to since we were not getting help from anyone here on the island. So my husband and I started sending emails to the U.S. mainland to see whether someone or some organization would help us. We are not seeking publicity but just the truth and answers.

Please note the following other incidents which were not reported to anyone before:

On June 5, 2006, at approximately 3:00am, after watching television, I proceeded to the kitchen to get a glass of milk before going to bed. As I walked through the living room on my way to the bedroom, I observed an alien peeping through the glass-pane window on the main entrance door. Outside that door is a balcony and obviously, he was standing on top of a patio chair next to the door, because being a short creature, he shouldn't reach the high window on the door. This one really scared me a lot because he looked older, meaner and had a mark on his forehead. The two aliens I saw behind the fence in my backyard looked like little kids with a serene look on their face. But not this one, he had a sinister evil look on his face. I hurried to my husband's bedroom, woke him up and he grabbed a machete in case it was an intruder, and proceeded out to the balcony, but no one was around. Could this alien be their leader?

On October 22, 2006, at approximately 11:00pm there was a 3 hour blackout in the town of Aguada (which is located in the northwest corner of the island). At approximately 1200am, I awoke my husband so he could hear a weird humming sound coming from behind the house in the rainforest. The whole backyard surrounding was pitch black when we went out with flashlights to listen closely. I called my sister on the cellphone so she could hear the weird sound coming from the woods, but suddenly we got frightened and hurried back inside the house.

On February 25, 2007, at approximately 4:00am, I was in my bedroom which faced the front of the house. I looked through the window and observed a disc-shaped craft, similar to the one my daughter and I saw previously, hovering motionless about 40 meters from the house and about 40 meters from the ground. The craft was about 30 feet in diameter. It was so low and so close that I was able to observe curious extraterrestrials watching me and the house through viewing ports surrounding the craft. They were silhouetting through the bright greenish blue background and appeared very inquisitive looking out the windows and passing a long rod to one another. My immediate reaction at the moment was that it may have been a telescope or some other device. Unlike the others I've seen and heard, this craft was hovering silently. The whole event probably lasted about a minute. I ran to my husband bedroom and woke him up. He immediately grabbed the camcorder next to his bed. Unfortunately by the time we got to the window, the UFO was nowhere in sight.

On May 21, 2007, at approximately 1:00am my daughter, Barbie, was on her cellphone in the living room by herself talking to her friends in New York. The lights in the living room were off except for a dim light on a table lamp. Suddenly she heard the humming sound again and a greenish blue light flashing through all the windows.The light flashed in sequence starting from the front windows to the back windows. It looked like something had flown low by heading towards the back of the house. My daughter screamed and ran to the bedroom where she was shaking in fear. It may have been nothing, but it showed that she was traumatized after what she had seen on November 10, 2005 and April 28, 2006.

My 21 year old son, Jonathan, came to visit us from New York. On June 2, 2007, at approximately 2:00am, Jonathan explained that while in his bedroom, which is located downstairs, a very bright beam of green light shone through the window and through the glass-pane door lighting up the whole bedroom for a few seconds. He was so frightened that after the light vanished he hysterically ran upstairs in his pajamas to inform us. He refused to sleep in that bedroom again.

On August 14, 2007, early in the morning, we noticed that our dog, Dora, was gone. We do not know if she had come loose and ran away. We do have a high fence that goes around our property and the dog was kept chained overnight, so I don't see how that's possible. We looked all over our neighborhood, we asked our neighbors if they had seen her and we even searched throughout the town of Aguada, but to no avail. I do not know if it had something to do with those aliens, but after what happened to me and my family in that house, anything for me is possible.

In this house where we live now, on November 3, 2007, at approximately 2:00am, while in bed before I fell asleep, I saw a small blueish green neon light, about the size of a penny, coming from the window, moving through the bedroom in the dark and I was being paralyzed while looking at it. Suddenly my bed was being surrounded with those creatures. Obviously, I was made unconscious because when I opened my eyes I found myself naked in a different cold room and lying face-up on very cold "stainless steel" platform. This platform seem to be floating on the air without legs or anything supporting it. It was narrow enough that each arm hanged on each side. Still feeling paralyzed but conscious they commenced injecting me with a long needle or something. I begged them with my thoughts, to please not to do it, but they ignored me. I also felt that they put something metallic, like a round suction cup about 5 inches in diameter, on the right side of my abdomen. It felt like my flesh was being stretched and my inside was being sucked out like a powerful vacuum. I was in excruciating pain when they did that, but I was unable to scream or move. About 5 or 6 creatures surrounded the platform, one being taller than the others and the rest were the short grays I previously saw in my backyard. This time they were not communicating telepathically among themselves because I heard a weird incoherent mumbling sound coming from them. However, I didn't see their mouths move. I remember calling them "marcianos" (Martians), they revealed telepathically, in Spanish, that they don't like being called Martians, but preferred to be called creatures. When I got up the next morning, I still had pain on the right side of my abdomen, but no mark was visible. Since my daughter doesn't sleep with me anymore because she now lives in Pennsylvania, I now sleep with my husband. He keeps telling me to wake him up when it happens, but I could not move or speak. Many times he stays awake late at night in bed, but nothing happens so he falls asleep. I do, however, feel or have a sense when they're around.

It is important to be noted here that I've had ovarian cancer, and have had several operations to remove parts of my intestine. I also received several operations for breast cancer. I flew occasionally to New York City to see my private doctors since here on the island private doctors are reluctant to accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield or GHI which I got from my husband retirement. I was informed by my doctors in New York that the cancer had returned and that I urgently needed another operation. I used to be in constant stomach pain and noticed blood in my stool and urine when I went to the bathroom. It was not the first time, the cancer has recurred before and they operated me after each recurrences. But after the encounter with those creatures on April 28, 2006, I returned to New York, several tests were performed and no cancer was detected. The pain and the bleeding had stopped. I truly feel that those creatures had cured me. What is my opinion of the creatures? They could be benevolent and compassionate creatures, but I'm afraid of them. They do not have my permission to do with my body whatever they please. Although I believe they had cured me, I am not their guinea pig.

I have something in my right lower back that has been bugging me for a long time. It moves when I touch it and I know it was not there before. I saw on the History Channel the program called UFO Hunter when Mr. Bill Birnes took a man who was abducted by a UFO to Dr. Roger Leir. The man had an alien implant in his leg. When Dr. Leir put a powerful magnet where the man had the implant, to our amazement, the object inside his flesh moved towards the magnet and the skin bulged. Like that man, I don't have an entry wound or a scar where the object is. That prompted me and my husband to do the same experiment. Unfortunately, we do not have a powerful magnet like the one used by Dr. Leir. The mark on my left hand and the object on my back have been noticed by me since my encounter with those aliens on April 28, 2006.

We recently learned that here in Puerto Rico this type of phenomenon occurs all over the island, especially in El Yunque rainforest where people get lost for days and come back with incredible stories. El Yunque, located on the east coast of the island, is the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System. Could there be an extraterrestrial base in the El Yunque rainforest? Could there be an extraterrestrial base in the woods behind my property or somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean? Since the town of Aguada is situated in the northwest corner of the island, could that be a route for UFOs to fly towards the Bermuda Triangle? My daughter and I did hear a weird humming sound very often and very close to the house. The craft we observed on November 10, 2005 appeared to be descending as though it was about to land somewhere behind my house. Let me reiterate, we lived in Brooklyn, New York near Kennedy Airport for over 20 years and the airplanes flew low over my house 24 hours a day. I know what we have seen and the sound it made were something very unusual, something we've never heard or seen before.

I have tried to write a thorough and detailed story to focus attention on what my family and I went through in that house and to demonstrate our reason for moving and for subsequently selling the house. What happened to me and my family was no hoax, it was a terrifying experience. To prove this, I am willing to submit to a polygraph test, go under hypnosis, be under oath or whatever. I sincerely say thank you for reading this long written story and hope for your understanding.

Maria M. Rivera
P.O Box 1675 Aguada, Puerto Rico 00602 Email: nelsoncr24@yahoo.com

UFO Sighting April 28, 2009

My name is Paul wilson from Darlington, Co Durham, England

About a week ago between the hours of 10:30pm & 11:30pm me and my wife were in the back garden and we saw a light in the sky in which we thought it was a satellite but as we watched it cross over the night sky another appeared which seemed to flash as it got closer to the other one. It flashed 5 times - each flash getting bigger then disappeared as it passed the other one. Then about 2mins later another one appeared on an interception course with the flashing object. I know that there are a lot of satellites & one space station in space but these were nothing I've never seen before and quite strange.

 Kind regards Paul Wilson

April 10, 2009   UFO Sighting with picture

unknown-craft-1.jpg (160934 bytes)

I was simply taking a photo of a silhouetted Scissor-tailed flycatcher, I did a series of 6-8 shots in quick succession and saw nothing through the view finder during that process, upon downloading the photos I found this blurb in one frame and blew it up for further examination. After doing several treatments to get varying details and outlines and having several friends look at this photo, I have come to the conclusion that this is indeed part of the Skunk work, a reverse engineered craft, and at this moment in the film you can clearly see it breaking the sound barrier. To my knowledge this is a one of a kind, and do welcome any and all debate about this. Also to note this picture was taken back in late October of 08 about the time Stephenville, Texas was having it's plethora of sightings

Ufo Sighting November 11, 2007

Around 10 o'clock on Sunday night i was on my porch smoking a cigarette with my mother. the conversation between her and myself became silent for a moment and this really bright light flew rather close to the ground over the house. I got up and said to my mom i think that plane is going to crash. they odd thing about this "plane" was the fact that it made literally NO noise going over my house. so I'm like well I'm gonna go take a look at this.. i ran out side, and over about 200-250 yards away from me and about 100 feet off the ground was this extraordinarily bright light just sitting there amongst the trees. Now, when i say this light was bright i mean it was BRIGHT! it was worse then looking square into the rays of the sun. i could hardly see anything, yet i noticed that it was producing an intense about of light on the ground and my other surroundings. When I told my mom to come out to see it, as she was opening the door it went behind the largest tree and when i looked at her then looked back the light was gone.

By the way, I live in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. If anyone else can relate to my sighting please contact me: jakep2007@hotmail.com

Ufo Sighting, July 30, 1980

I have three degrees in different types of Plant Science.  I am now 54.  In 1980, I was driving in Northern California late one night with a close friend.  We were between Sierraville and Truckee, California.   It was around midnight.  There was what appeared to be a tower with a blue green light on the mountain side slowing flashing.  It just seemed to be a beacon on a tower on top of the mountain, nothing strange. The light was stationary and visible for some length of time as we wided down through the canyon to Truckee on Hwy 89.   Suddenly in a matter of three blinking flashes...moving quiet and fast this now moving object with a blue green light flashed over our small 4 Cyclinder Pickup truck illuminating our window and inside for a split second, then moved behind us with one more flash (blink) and it was gone.  Never heard it...just bam here it came toward us in a couple of blinks then flashed us and then one more blink in passing behind us and was gone like super excelleration.  Now being close to Nevada, my friend and I just looked at each other and said "Nay...must be military", although with all the website information I read these days....its possible we encounter a UFO from somewhere other than here.  Just glad we had no time lapse episodes.  We were probably like fish they decided to let live or throw back in.  Very real....I believe in UFO's but this was really hard to explain in our own minds.  I think we were too logical that night and really likely fortunate, as well.  I believe we are not alone.  Just can say for sure.

Ufo Sighting September, 1978

In the fall of 1978, around 9:45 p.m. while still living with my parents in Los Angeles, I was out back doing a little star-gazing when I spotted a bright star-like object moving eastward across the sky. At first I thought it was just a slow moving plane, then a helicopter, and then maybe a blimp. But none of these seemed to fit the description, as the object made no sound. After about a minute or so, the bright-object just stopped in the sky above me, which I thought was rather odd. At this point, I dared not take my eyes off it. The object remained at a standstill for about 20-seconds, then all at once, it shot up into deep space and diappeared before my eyes within two-seconds. I was in awe and could not believe what I had seen. I have been a big star-gazer ever since. The next time I would spot a strange object was in July of 2005 in the city of Colton, Ca., which was an orange-glowing object crossing the night sky around 8:45 p.m., also moving eastwrd. I even ran inside the house to get my binoculars to get a better look. This one was moving across the sky closer to the ground; probably about two-hundred feet above. And I watched it till it suddenly and quickly moved north-east and disappeared. If you watch the night skies often enough, you just might see something strange out there.

Ufo Sighting

It was during an eclipse of the moon when I lived in Houstin Texas, right across the street from the Thunderdome in a Hotel. I don't remember when exactly it passed, except that I was looking up at the lunar eclipse that was going on that night. But I remember clearly that it was shaped alot like one of those little ships in Star Trek the Next Generation, only in shape. On the bottom there were these lights, they moved in different patterns. When it flew (It flew directly over me and about four other people) it didn't so much fly, as just... move and by moving I don't mean like when you push a pencil across your desk. This was different... I don't know how to explain it. The air around it was different. It just sort of moved...

Anyways, when it passed it was like I couldn't register it until about three minutes after it passed. I knew it was happening when it happened, but it was like time fractured or something for me.

Ufo Sighting

Two years ago I started noticing ufos everyday more than once a day.  I have so many sightings to report but I will tell you the ones that stayed on top of my mind. I live in phoenix arizona and for valentines day my boyfriend wanted to take me to south mountain to see the sun rise. We went like at 5 in the morning and were the only car there, and it was dark and the city lights we're   sparkling. We were watching the planes and helicopters fly and we noticed a helicopter with no lights flying in a circle until five minutes later when we were staring at it, (realizing it was a ufo) it flew right towards us to a higher mountain then blew into a ball of fire and disaapered! We were so scared because of how close it was to us!

Ufo Sighting

My friend Anissa and I were at this one movie party at the YMCA and while everyone was watching the movie inside the tent, we both got out and went to the bathroom. We were the only ones out there because it was almost midnight and everyone was  either in the tent watching the movie or they were in their tents asleep. After the bathroom, we came out and heard a noise, and thought it was a helicopter, but the figure in the sky looked round and had flashing lights. There was also a blue beam coming from the bottom of the object. Earlier, we had seen the same thing, but thought it was nothing and when we saw it again at night, it was clearer. It had been over an hour ago, when we had first seen it. When we saw it again, and heard the noises, we were sure this was no helicopter. Why would a helicopter be flying around the Y at midnight? It should have passed. But it came back and started flying around the Y.

Ufo Sighting

I have seen 5 differnt ufo from my deck over looking the ocean in bich bay wa they begin as a bright light when i get my banockalers on the object then you can see the craft with more detal .one night as i was watching it moved very fast of to the right and i followed it and it shot back to the left and then back to the right then stoped and apeared to have a small crafet come out of the bottom of it with some light blinking the the biger shiped took of to the right again at a slow pace and went towards canada and i followd it it had a very bright white glow a couple nights later i saw the bright glow again and put the banacalers on it and this time a saw the out lines of the ship there where lights beaming of it it was inceadable i would have to draw a picture of it .but it hade 2 rowes of windows a dome on top it was truly fasanating as i was looking at it to the left apeared another ship just like it .it apeared to come out of the ocean .it only apeared for maybe 4 seconds then i turned back to the other ship and the lights went out .this spot is defenatly a hot spot .i have famly that witnesed the first sighting with me i can draw a picture of the ship i saw it was huge i would have to say maybe the size of a foot ball feild one thing is sure i no that there is other forms of life and i dont care what other people think i no now .i am sorry about my spelling

Ufo Sighting

I was taking pictures of some white faced cattle and noticed a weird looking cloud UFO shaped thing in the sky.The cloud UFO was moving slowly a different way then the real clouds where.Actually the clouds where moving south and this odd looking UFO thing was moving north.The picture is on "Unexplained Research" Owned by Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk.I took three shots or more and you can tell the odd UFO cloud is moving an different direction.You can go to unexplained research.com and down in the UFO section of his forum the picture will be in that section under "Einstein2". I also sent a photo to The Black Vault and it is in their UFO section of their forum.I just found this cloud very odd as no other one was like it.I hope you find it interesting also..Someone siad it looks like the Adamsky UFO. I can't find that picture as it has been removed off the web for unknown reasons.My picture is not touched up or worked on either.

Ufo Sighting

when i was very young i developed an interest in ufos because of my parents. They claim they saw a ufo in indiana. they were going to a movie when all the sudden they see a bunch of people out of there cars and pointing at the sky. they get out and look up and see bright lights in a circular pattern. what was so interesting was all the sudden it would disappear and be at another location no known airplane can disapear and show up somewhere else then just like that it disapeared and it was gone. now about six weeks ago i was at a friends house and was playing there. my little brother who also beleives in ufos like me yelled to me and said look something strange in the sky. at first i didnt beleive him because he thinkis every plane is a ufo and sometimes makes up seeing stuff. i slowly walked over there and releaized he was right. there was a very bright light in the sky and there was no stream of smoke. it was slowly descending down. i told them to go get my dad and we all ran to get him. we rushed him over there and just like that it was gone. he made jokes and said have you kids had to much wine and junk like that. after he left we all scaned th e sky and tried to look for it. it defintely wasnt a shooting star because they travel over and much faster and this was in the middle of the day. while we were looking we kept seeing this brights lights everywhere. it was as if the bright object made us see white. this is exactly what i saw no lies.

Ufo Sighting from 2005

I'm in the Army now and I have a respectable job so I've tried to forget about the incident, but I still think about it from time to time when I talk to my cousin. I guess I just start at the beginning. I was with my cousin one night and we'd had a chaotic day so we just took a drive and talked to blow off some steam. We ended up way out on some dirt roads next to a field. This was in Checotah, OK. It was late, about 3am. We were about to head back to the house when we seen the moon. Normally the moon doesn't have a sharp point of light protruding from the bottom of it. My cousin and I got out of the vehicle and went to the barbed wire fence for a better look. Then it started moving west away from the moon. It was triangle shaped and when it came closer I seen that there were two of them. One was either slighly smaller or further away. In the center of each of them was a bright blue light. They both were moving simultaniously in unison, almost as if they were attached but they weren't. They would hover in place for a moment and then begin moving again, not fast like you hear with the traditional UFO stories, but almost at a walk. My cousin and I each had to ask each other several times if the other was seeing the same thing. I remember It was cold as hell that night, but we stood there in the cold watching with runny noses. After about an hour or so of watching them hover and move further and closer, my cousin  decided to try to communicate. He pulled out his lighter and sparked it a couple of times. Slowly the crafts moved back about 100 feet or so they began to ascend toward the sky. We stood there and watched until they were gone. It was almost 5am when the show was over. We were sick for a few days after. When I told my wife, she didn't believe me. I never spoke of it again ( besides with my cousin ) until now.

Ufo Sighting-by Kathy-October 1965

Cherry Hill, NJ:  The night before Halloween (known as "Mischief Night" where I come from), my friend Ginger and I, both 13, went down the street to soap our "enemy's" windows. The wind was blowing, leaves rustling; typical autumn night.  All of a sudden it became completely still and quiet. Almost a vacuum sort of feel to it.  No wind and no sound. Not even car noises from the interstate highway which was always audible in the night time.  We reached up to scribble with soap on the windows and above the house was a HUGE hovering disc.   It felt close enough to touch.  It was light colored, white or silvery, and it didn't move.  It stayed in one spot with only a ring around its perimeter moving.   I was petrified it would "zap" us up so I grabbed my friend and we ran to my house.  We told my mother who didn't believe us.  We called the police who were angry with our "mischief night" prank.  We knew what we saw but nobody believed us.  When I went to school the next day and saw a friend of mine I said, "You're not going to believe what I saw last night...." and my friend responded, "I saw a flying saucer!".  She described what Ginger and I had seen and she lived about two miles from my house.  The memory of what it looked like has faded but I will never forget the vacuum sensation it generated.  I have never experienced that sensation again.

Ufo Sighting

I was about 9 and coming home about 10PM or so. I grew up in Yakima County, Washington far enough north that the sun had gone down but the sky was still kind of bright. The street we lived on was only a block long and as I turned onto the street a sheet of yellowish light came over the trees at the end of my block.   I remember starting to get scared and then I was running the rest of the way to my house.  That was the first time.  I developed an interest in UFO's and science fiction.  I have seen lights behaving abnormally in the night sky ever since.   It seems to happen every time I take the time to look up long enough.  I've seen them in the skies above Boston, the desert in Arizona and many times in the Cascades of Washington state.  I moved to Alaska, outside Anchorage in the mid 60's.  I believe it was shortly after the earthquake in 64 and I was sitting in my family's living room looking through the windows behind the TV set. Above the mountain to the north was a pulsating light.  It blinked red then yellow and blue or green. It was stationary and everyone went outside and watched it for awhile before being sucked back into the TV program.  It was there for a week or so and eventually was joined by another similar light to the West over another mountain. There was one more later on and then they just stopped being there.  I think I remember the news did a story about them and certainly everyone in my neighborhood had seen them.  Still no idea as most of the other things I have observed had been moving in some fashion. I've enjoyed reading other accounts of sightings and such.  I really try to keep an open mind and I believe that early experience altered my perception of reality. I remain curious.

Ufo Sighting- February, 1999

My friend and I were sitting in her car waiting for it to warm up. We had just gotten off work and it was pretty cold. As we sat there, I noticed three stars in the sky. It was a clear night and those three stars were the only stars. They were each at the points of a triangle shape. I thought this was odd so I commented on this to my friend. All of the sudden they all began to bob up and down and move in circles. Then in a flash they all shot off in different directions and completly disappeared. We both looked and eachother in astonishment and began to laugh! We were totally at a loss for words. Finally I asked if she seen it and she said yes. I told her thatI was going to tell everyone at work the next day so she better not deny what she seen. We both shared the story the next day and we still laugh nervously about it to this day. Some said it was satellites but for the lights to move like that and shootoff so quickly, I highly doubt that.

Ufo Sighting- 31-March-2007

I´m Martin. I am a guy of 29, who lives in Aarhus, Denmark. On friday, 31 of March, I jumped on my bike, and went downtown, just to kill a couple of hours.

Out side the local Pizza Hut restaurant, an elderly gentle man was standing. Suddenly, he screamed: `Look up in the sky! What the h.. is that?´ I looked up, and saw a large, flaming object sail across the clear evening sky. It was orange, like the flames of a good camp fire. It did not have a fiery `tail´ like most meteors do, but it left a clear trace of smoke along its trajectory. The shape of the object is hard to describe, but it was not entirely spherical. It moved steadily south, even though there was hardly any wind.

The elderly man went into the restaurant, telling one of his friends to come and see the object. I did not know what to think: Were we about to witness a plane crash? Or, even worse, an incident like 9/11? The object certainly looked like an aircraft on fire.

`Better call the cops´, I said. Someone did. The local police seemed to think that we were a bunch of drunks making a prank call. `We can´t stop a fireball in the sky!´, the officer said. `We´re not asking you to stop it. Just be ready in case something big falls to the ground, hurting a lot of people´, the caller replied. We looked at the object for around 90 seconds, until it went behind some tall buildings.

Afterwards, I talked to astronomers, local TV stations, and the Airforce Tactical Command. The TV stations knew nothing, and the airforce had no interest in talking to me. Astronomers say that it must have been a large meteor, but, at the same time, admit that meteors hardly ever stay visible for so long, and that most meteors have a `tail´.

The mistery remain unsolved. I wish I had pictures to show you. It was a beautiful sight. I´m glad nothing crashed to the ground, though.

Yours Truly


Ufo Sighting

This sighting took place in southeast Missouri at around 9:10 in the evening of March 26th, 2007.  After seeing this UFO I needed to see if anyone has had a similiar sighting.  The object I saw was at first very bright and I thought it was a star, as I watched this star illuminate brightly I noticed it began to lose its brightness. It then quickly faded into a small light in the sky which began to rapidly shrink and move out of visual range. It turned very small very quick, then disappeared.   It seems someone else has seen a similiar UFO......Here is their sighting which was posted earlier on this forum.

"A couple of months ago, my brother and I were riding bicyles. It was night. I looked in the sky and noticed a bright circular object. At first, I thought it was the wishing star. (That's what I call the biggest star) I couldn't take my eyes off of it because it was 3 times bigger then what the wishing star usually was. I remember telling my brother to look. He saw it to. Then it just disappeared right in front of my eyes. The object got smaller and smaller till it was gone. It was like it faded away."

Ufo Sighting

In September of 1990 I was fighting a forest fire as a member of the US fireteam/job-corps/US gov, in a town outside of Saltlake City Utah. Late that night at camp we were short two tents ,another firefighter whom I did not know and myself volunteered to sleep outside in sleeping bags. As we laid there gazing at the stars in the clear sky, out of my peripheral vision I noticed a strange orb-like light about the size of a beachball approximately 40 feet up which was not projecting any light or sound into the forest but was very bright. It slid across the top of the trees and hesitated a moment when it came to the opening as if it had noticed us watching. At that moment it accelerated with incredible speed across the opening and out of sight. Petrified we looked at one another in disbelief at what we had just witnessed and started discussing what we had seen. There is no doubt that we both saw the same thing! When we told the others, most laughed and they all made excuses for what we must've seen. No question in my mind that it was some other life form not of this Earth. That experience and research has made me a firm believer that we are not alone in this universe.