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This web site contains some excellent recent Ufo Sightings from real people who wrote into us and submitted their stories to Alien-Ufo-Pictures.com. Some of the Ufo sightings give such concrete evidence and in my opinion obvious proof that non-existance of Ufo's and Aliens in the past is unthinkable due to overwhelming traces left behind by them. Let logic guide your heart and mind when you read and visualize the pictures. I am an honest guy and I only seek the truth, I do not consider myself naive either or misguided in my research.

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Its kind of hard to put it. I was out in my back yard on the 8th of January 2007. I had walked out there to feed my dog when I heard this odd noise. I had no clue what it was because I had never heard anything like it. When I looked up into the night sky I was shocked. It was this big blue perfectly round circle hovering over my head. It was about as high as one of those big metal electrical towers with the red lights on it. So if you dont believe in UFOs thats ok because I do for a fact......

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U Wont Believe What Happen to us, We Were Walking In The Morning 3:00 am then my friend (Rashid) Pointed On the Sky And Said 'Hey look' his face was freaked out then i turned Around (Salem) then i saw a strange circle shaped light green and white flying faster then anything i ever seen, It Was Moving So fast in a blink of an eye moving right to left up and down, then all the sudden it disapperd, we tryed to tell everyone we know but no one believed us expect two of my cousins, At first i didnt believe in UFO's but now i belive In Them, It Happend In Egypt (Al Kahira) We Live There.

If u don't believe in UFO's U better Start Believing In Them....

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My family were on vacation. We were driving home in the night time. Then out of the corner of my eye, iI thought I had just seen a shooting star. I looked up at it. It was flying in the sky faster than an airplane. Then all the sudden it stopped and it started coming toward the highway. I did not say anything. I was too interested in this ufo. But then it moved over the clouds and it was gone. About a month later me and my cousin were looking in the sky trying to make pictures with the stars like the little dipper when all of a sudden we saw the same thing! It was so low! It was only a few feet higher than a two story home!!!! My cousin and I are now believers....

Someday, I wish to see a real alien in my future..........

This happened some time ago but the experience was like none I've seen before. My wife's wedding ring broke and I was taking it to a friend of mine which is a jeweler to drop it off at his house. I was in my van and as I approached the road I was to turn on I made my turn and the road is banked in a curve and the van naturally goes up on one side due to the banked road and I looked up and there were 2 cigar shaped vehicles about 150 feet from the ground and about 150 t0 200 feet long. I stopped my van and got out and as they were passing over me there (WAS NO SOUND) only lights pulsating slowly. I jumped back in my van to keep up with them as they were traveling maybe 5 miles an hour I got ahead of them and got out again and watched as they were overhead, it seemed as they hit some kind of warp and they were gone like now. I got to a pay phone and called the sheriffs department and told them what I encountered and they ask me if I had any because they wanted some of what I had taken. Anyway!
 I delivered the ring and came home. I live about 20 miles from a bombing range in Florida. I called Patrick Air Force Base in Cocoa Beach florida and asked for the control tower and they patched me thru. I asked if they had anything on radar in the past hour in the Ocala National Forest area close to Pinecastle Bombing Range and he said (Quote)THATS ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS AND YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW and they hung up. What's strange is about 45 minutes later there were Black Choppers flying all around the area I described to them. I know it's been a long time ago but that definetely stuck with me.

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Good day,

     It has been a long time since this had happened and for some reason I always just thought it was my imagination until I asked my brother if he remembered this and he did. It was about 0730 hrs and the school bus was picking up my brother, my sister and myself.  The bus driver let us on and asked what was the thing above our house. We looked up and there it was, a silver object, which from our angle looked like a three leaf clover, One circle on the top and two on the bottom.  It hovered above our house for several miutes before it turned to the right (It then appeared to be elongated) and sped off in an easterly direction.
     We arrived at school at our normal time but for some reason my first period teacher had not shown up yet. About thirty minutes into the class she came in and seemed a bit flustered.  She told us that she was getting into her car when a silver object started to dart around the trees near her home. It was low, then gained altitude and then came low again.  She watched it for aprox. forty minutes before it sped off skyward.  I told her what I had seen earlier and she was a bit freaked out to say the least.
     Another strange thing that may be related to this is that while I lived in this house (I was about eleven years old) I had always had the same dream that I was being given needles by little "chinese" men. No insult towards chinese people but at that time that was all I could remember, little men with slanted eyes.
     Please don't think I am some whacko looking for attention, I have been and still am a long serving member of the military and am not prone to rambling on in a crazy manner, these are things that happened as I and/or my brother remember them.

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Hey, i'm danny, and this is what we remember..Driving home from band reheasal that evening about nine fifteen p.m.... jimmy and I were on a more rural part of route 34 in holmdel nj.. Rehearsal was good and we were just discussing some of the songs we were working on...as we came up this long hill at the top there was somthing in the sky...a large triangle wide as a football field at least.. jimmy became aware of it as we drove under it...I had been just staring up at it with my mouth hanging open...Jimmy said "what the hell is that?" I had no answer... the radio began cutting out and then the power in the van just quit..
Next either of us remember is pulling up in front of my house...Its now one fifteen in the morning... My wife didnt believe a word of it..even though neither of us had anything to drink...there were marks on my feet and wrist..those were both documented..and a small nickel sized bald spot with a distinct indent..like someone drilled into the side of my skull...My sister felt that we should get in touch with Budd Hopkins who had done the book "Missing Time"..Suprizingly his associate Dr. Robins did get in touch with us...we were supposed to be given appointments to try to retrieve the lost time.. then we began recieving things in the mail from the "PEER" Program for exceptional experiance research...And it seemed there were military choppers where ever we went... At that point, I just shut up...it took a few years and a name change before life got back to somewhat normal...And then recently I came across a picture of our ufo...a large triangle that had been seen in the hudson!
  valley as well as seven sightings in belgum.....

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Hi. My name is Ashley and one day I was arriving home and when I got out the car 5 large red lights were moving like a snake past me head.I say it was about 50ft. above my head and I could feel the heat sometimes I can still feel the heat today.It stopped moving directly under my head, I know what you're thinking like why didn't I run but of course in a situation like this I was stuck frozen.

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it was night around 11:00 when i was sitting in a park just then i saw a flying object but i thought it would be an aeroplane but it was circular then you would not believe it was around 40 feet above me and some blue and red colour rays were above me. i think that was a ufo
please believe me it is true!

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Ok,Here's my story.

I live in a small town called Chatsworth,It's in northwest Georgia. I was just outside, I was walking around enjoying the clear night and I saw this bright light, I thought it was a star until it started to move, I have never seen a plane or anything move like this, It would go from side to side covering at least 2 miles in the blink of an eye. Then it would go up and down just as far and as fast. It would be there one sec and gone the next and then back again. It was a bright white light, then it would pulsate blue, green and a redish color. I am still in shock, I couldn't get a photo but I saw it and no one will believe me...

Has anyone ever reported seeing anything like what I saw?

A true believer....