Real Ufo Videos of Actual Ufo Footage taken by people around the world

Real Ufo Videos of Actual Ufo Footage taken by people

This web site contains some excellent ufo videos and ufo footage.


New Youtube Ufo videos added June 1st, 2009 (each youtube ufo video will open in a new window for easy viewing))

Fox News Covers a UFO Sighting in New Jersey 2009. BEST!!!!

Three spooky UFO vidoes

UFO swarms: Incredible footage

Russian workers witness UFO

NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation of stunning UFO

New UFO Sightings 2009: No Joke Real Footage!

Daylight UFO sightings over Europe - AMAZING 2009 Jan 29

UFO Sighting Triangle formation caught on tape Spain 2-11-2009

Jaime Maussan: Amazing UFO Footage 2009

UFO sighting February 22, 2009 England UK caught on tape.

ufo sighting 5/7/2009

History Channel UFO Hunters 304 Underwater Alien Bases 2009-1.avi

Real UFO Footage 17th May 2009


Ufo Sightings 2009

UFO Sightings in WA State kndu News April 17 2009 -VERY GOOD!

JULY 18, 2008 UFO NEWS: Hi everyone,
> > Here are 4 YouTube videos of the Friday July 11, 2008 Larry King
> > Show. Ufo's were seen by several people including a police officer in Stephenville, near President Bush's Crawford Ranch. The ufo's were also caught on Radar, proving that something was up in the sky.

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4 For those that aren't able to access/watch the videos, nor watch
> > the re-run of the show tonight (CNN at 9pm), here is the
> > transcript of the show:
> > click here for the transcripts

All New! Check out this Weird Video of an Alien Baby. (very bizarre)
This video was sent in to us by Andres. No further details were given. In our opinion the video speaks for itself.

All New! California Drone UFOs and Isaac Explanation Video Report -Gotta Watch this video about Incredible Ufo pictures taken around Lake Tahoe in 2007.

NEW! UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied, this Video lasts over one hour!! And it's completely FREE

New! Over 40 Excellent Ufo Videos, all in excellent quality. A must see, brought to you by

Apollo 11 UFO Video-A must See! Buzz Aldrin describes the bright object him and his crew saw on the mission.

Never Before Seen-UFO Footage, this is one of the better ufo videos, featuring many ufo's seen in Mexico.

This has got to be the best proof anyone could ask for. A flying disc was seen by pilots, crew members, and a bunch of other people at the Chicago O'Hare Airport in November, 2006. The whole story was shown on CNN January 6, 2007. This to me is undeniable proof that aliens exist. I think we just might be on the verge of Actual Contact with these extra terrestrials. View the video here. Right click over the link and select open in a new window.

Excellent UFO video from Fox News, this ufo video proves that ufo's are real, this is an excellent eye witness account. This ufo video is from Mexico.

Kent Contrail Video This video uses Real Player. You will need to have Real Player to view it.

Israel UFO video This video uses Real Player. You will need to have Real Player to view it.

Foreign UFO video-This is an mpeg file, you can view it with Windows Media Player

Pretty good ufo video taken from a car.

Area 51 UFO video at night

Belgium UFO video

UFO video while filming from a car

NEW! Ufo Video taken by astronomer

Utah Ufo video - Another excellent Fox News UFO video.

Taking pictures of the beautiful Utah countryside is part of Tommy Woodard's job with the Utah Film Commission. Recently, though, he captured something on film that's worthy of the silver screen. That something just might be a UFO.

Good UFO Video Cigar shape UFO & scout craft

Filmed in Salida, Colorado, USA

Fake Crop Circle Video

Video Diamond ufo

Video Lowestoft Ufo

Video Phoenix

Video Diamond Ufo 2

Video Ufo Mexico

Video Area 51

Video Nellis Airbase-Excellent

Ufo Video Rhode Island

Ufo Video

Video Israel

Video Gulf Breeze

Video Hagen 1980

Video Japan

Video Russia

Video Moon Take Off

Video Germany Triangle

Ufo Video Russia 1990

Video Ufo and Concorde

Video ufo