Ufo Pictures, Pictures of UFO Sightings from around the world

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This page contains some excellent ufo pictures and photos of ufo's in action. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these ufo pictures. However as you can imagine creating these pictures of ufo phenomena is not easily done. I don't see why people would go to all the trouble either of inventing these sightings. We invite you to show these ufo pictures to your friends. We will try to update this site frequently with new photos of ufos and new alien photographs. More up very soon on this page..

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I took these photos (above) after the day that a Crop Cyrcle appeared on June the 3rd (here is a photo of the crop circle: And I took the photos of the ufo at the same spot. I truly believe that these are unknown flying objects in the sky.

And these are all real photos. Tanja, Europe 2007

2007-Connecticut-I thought you might like to see this picture... I was watching the haze cams tonight, Blue hill, Boston, etc... I was looking at the Hartford, Connecticut, web cam and this caught my eye... it was at 10:45 pm 4/08/07. It really didn't look like a plane to me. It was out of the picture at 11:00pm. I caught quite a few different pics on those cams tonight... but, this one really caught my eye. See what you think.

2007-New London, CT-USA-March 29, 11:49 am or so Photographer was accompanied by his girlfriend, but neither saw the object. Very clear day, lots of wind blowing and very cold. There were no electromagnetic effects, smells, or missing time associated with the taking of the photograph.

Well, I was trying to take a closer picture of the bird you'll see in the picture, and I finaly took it just before the bird flew away. When I got home I checked the picture in my computer and that is when I see this thing in the sky. And to tell you the truth I did not see anything or hear anything at the moment of the picture. I just want to know from an expert if this image is something strange or if it has a simple explanation.

I have a very exciting UFO picture. About two years ago, my mother and I tried to get the picture out on the internet. We did not stay in contact with this certain person that was helping us and lost contact. Now, I would like to really try to get it out there. We have had the negative checked for dust on the lens or a scratch but nothing wrong with the camera or the negative.

If what we are told about the picture is true, than this is not a joke. I know this because I took the picture. When I took the picture I did not notice the object, but noticed it when we devoloped the film. I have studied other UFO pictures, and how they try to prove whether or not it is a joke, and I am unable to see anything in this picture that anyone could argue against. The picture was taken at an airshow in Little Rock, AR some years ago, of an F-117 and it's guards. Behind the plane is a hanger, sitting above the hanger is this object. All of which, the plane, it's guards, and the hanger are in the picture.

Triangular Ufo picture taken by Tony Mendes.

October 10th, 2007 Ufo picture

2007 Ufo Pictures "New"

Strange Craft

Last month (April 2007), my wife and I were on a walk when we noticed a very large, very strange "craft" in the sky. My wife took a picture with her cell phone camera (first photo below). A few days later a friend (and neighbor) lent me his camera and came with me to take photos of this "craft". We found it and took a number of very clear photos. Picture #4 is taken from right below this thing and I must give my friend credit as I was not brave enough to get close enough to take this picture myself!

The craft is almost completely silent and moves very smoothly. It usually moves slowly until it decides to take off. Then it moves VERY quickly and is out of sight in the blink of an eye. MORE THAN ANYTHING I simply want to understand what this is and why it is here?

We found your show with Google and I have listened for a few nights now. I have decided that if anyone can help me understand what this thing is, it is you and your audience. I must admit I am deeply unsettled by this thing. I have never seen anything like this in my life... Location: I would prefer not to say for now.


2007 Ufo Picture "New"

This photo was taken on February 20, 2007 in Sedona, Arizona. It was 4:48pm and I was at Canyon Breeze restaurant in uptown. The restaurant which is normally packed was unusually empty that day. Perhaps it was the weather as it had snowed heavily the day before? I had been snapping pictures for about an hour both from inside and outside the restaurant. The place has very high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows that are tinted. The views are stunning. My friend and I took a table right by the doors to the outside veranda. She went to the ladies room, I recall no one else being around. Not even the bar tender. I was snapping pictures and recall a very very bright light seeming to flash through the restaurant.

My flash had gone off alright but this bright light didn’t seem normal to me. It was enough to make me stop and pause and ask myself “what was that?” About 25 seconds later, I zoomed in on the rock and took another picture. This time no bright light.. … and the images that you see here are NOT in the that photograph. I do not recall seeing anything when I took the photo other than the bright flash of light. When I scrolled briefly back through the photos the picture appeared to be fine. I didn’t realize what I’d captured on film however until the plane ride home when I downloaded the photos onto my laptop.

The photo has since been examined by many people. It is also copyright protected.

It’s been authenticated by a local Sedona expert who has written numerous books, appeared on TV, radio, etc. He is a world renown expert on UFO’s and the paranormal. Although his analysis is inconclusive on the objects in the sky (most people are convinced these are just reflections of some kind) he feels the object on the rock is of extremely paranormal nature. Or that it was a paranormal phenomena that was “underway”. He has called the photograph “World Class.” He also mailed me a photo which has been published and studied by experts worldwide. It was taken in Boynton Canyon in 1990 and it’s also published in one of his books. The object in that photo is extremely similar in shape to the one in this photograph. The expert who authenticated my picture states that the Boynton Canyon photo validates my photo. He does not know what the object is, a ship? Perhaps?

I have my own theories on why there were so few people around on February 20, 2007.

I also have theories on what this object might be. More of a channeling type device vs. craft or ship. The camera that took the picture is a Nikon Coolpix, Model E3100, the picture card was/is brand new. Type ProMax, compact flash, 1.0 GB.

2007 Ufo Picture taken by Marjorie Snow

1927-Oregon. Taken in Cave Junction, Oregon. There is some question as to whether the photo was taken in '26 or '27, but nonetheless, if this is an authentic photograph it is incredible. Reportedly snapped by a volunteer fireman. Be sure to click on to see full size image to really appreciate the picture.

Los Angeles, February 25, 1942: 02:25pm: Alarm sirens installed in the event of a Japanese air raid are started, as flying objects are seen and announced in the sky off the city. A blackout is declared and the anxious and even terrified inhabitants follow the instructions by turning all the lights off. 03:16pm: Anti-aircraft guns open fire on the unidentified flying objects coming from the ocean, and projector beams are searching the sky. Witnesses observe small objects flying at high altitude, of red or silver plated color, moving in formation at high speed, and untouched by the AAA salvos. This large object has been touched by many AAA projectiles, according to the reports. The anti aircraft defence continues to shoot at UFOS without results.

1945-Italy. This photograph was taken by a plane film crew during World War II. The source on this one is Les O.V.N. I. These planes are B-17 bombers doing their business during the height of allied bombing runs. The three white unknowns are part of the legendary "foo fighters." See full size for a great photograph of history and mystery.

Scotland, 1947. An alleged UFO picture taken in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland in 1947. It is important to see the original picture on this one to get the full effect. This, to me, is a very good picture of an object that is not identifiable by comparision to any known aircraft today. It is obviously a metallic, two layered object which has never been explained away. A true UFO!

1950-Redbud, Illinois. April 23. No other details available at this time.