Ufo Pictures, Sightings of Ufo's in action

This page contains some excellent ufo pictures and photos of ufo's in action. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these ufo pictures. We invite you to show these ufo pictures to your friends. We update this site frequently with new ufo pictures and photos of ufo's.

This picture shows what I believe to be excellent proof that Ancient Egypt was once home to UFO's their people and their ships. This picture reveals incredible precision and symetry, this piece looks machined to a degree that perfecting it today without machines would be next to impossible. And why would a supposed primitive people create such an odd shape with such precision. The only logical explanation is that they were not primitive. On the alien proof page I present more evidence on this. Please compare this picture that I took myself within the Cairo Museum with the picture of a UFO taken by someone in the past...



ufo pictures

ufo picturesThis picture shows what I am certain is a picture of a ufo with 2 beams coming down on each side. The next picture is similar and reading the associated text is recommended for better understanding of Egyptian story telling and the message of their pictures and their hieroglyphics.





ufo pictures This is probably one of the oldest pictures we have of a ufo, even 2 ufos. In this picture to the left we see 2 crafts. The one on the top is also see in Mexico in pottery and in stonework. Or atleast it was a craft that is very similar to this one. To say with certainty that they are the same design would be misleading as I am not positive. I am positive that these 2 shapes are not there for no reason. These are technical in design, they are also objects that have no place in the minds of primitive people. There is advanced astronomical, mathematical, and geometrical knowledge which we now use in schools which originated in Ancient Egypt. Seeing these 2 ufo pictures carved in stone is not at all surprising to me. In my opinion the pictures we see in Egypt of What we today call Gods or their Gods. We see human bodies with animal heads, and all sorts of half human half animal or reptile creatures. In my opinion these creatures actually existed. They are aliens, and they came and created all sorts of life forms on Earth such as rabbits, birds, and all sorts of creatures that we can live with. If you notice that 10 000 years ago a mass extinction occurred of several mammals or dinosaur like creatures. Many have proposed global warming as a cause. But what if there was another cause, a more logical cause. If many of these same creatures from the Pleistocene era still lived, modern humans might have a tough time living right alongside them. The Sphynx at the Giza complex in Egypt is believed to be possibly 10000 years old. What I am saying here is that the Aliens realized that a human being of our size and strength could not coexist with some of these animals. Maybe they made them extinct, freezing them like they did. You see it would be a good way, the life dies however much of the building blocks of plants and other life remains to quickly regenerate new natural life or plants and fauna. These creator Gods or aliens if you will (a better term) wanted our well being and they did this to make our lives easier. These creator Gods understand the basic building blocks to create not only human life, but life itself. Something we ourselves are not so far from understanding either. Any life or matter has energy. That energy is created from harmonic wave forms which are intermingled. The geometric harmonic waves intermingle to create matter. In all evidence we can see through the many geometric shapes clearly stamped all over the walls of Egypt that they knew a lot about Geometry. If you look at a picture of the universe and our world, you will notice spirals everywhere, in storms, the shapes of galaxies, in shells, in flowers, in plants, in pine cones, in hurricanes, in fact if you dissect energy itself and magnify it with the proper equipment, its motion is spiraling. Energy itself is in the shape of a spiral. The spiral shape is found everywhere in Ancient Egypt. Which conveys that they have a deep understanding of the universe and how it ticks.



ufo picturesThis picture shows what I am certain is a picture of a ufo with 2 beams coming down on each side, the reason I say those 2 lines one on each side are beams is because I am guessing with substantial proof that these beams we see are what crop circles are built with, many witnesses have claimed they saw beams of light come down from the space crafts and then the crop circles appeared. Their ufo crafts may have different purposes for their beams that they apparently use with their ships for crop circles. In the picture we can also see what I think is something comparable to aircraft on Earth, it looks like an aeroplane. Aliens probably or more reasonable could use aircraft when in the atmosphere of a planet rather than using conventional discs. Aliens probably have several type of aircraft and spacecraft. This could just be a ship of another race or another ship of their own race's design. In either case we often see this craft in Egypt in hieroglyphics. We also see a star in this glyph which often refers to the heavens (outer space).


ufo pictures