Alien Photos, Photos of ancient aliens in remote history

This is a photo of Nefertiti the Goddess who lived in Ancient Egypt, notice this Goddess's head. Her skull is extremely elongated, this would mean her brain would be much larger than a normal human's. Therefore making her extremely intelligent. This is actually a statue of her, it is in a museum in Egypt currently. Several pictures in Ancient Egypt portray some of the Gods or Goddesses with extremely large elongated heads. Is this some coincidence, why would the Ancient Egyptians make such large heads in their photos, carvings, and statues, there had to be a motivation of some kind apart from an artistic one, and in my opinion there is nothing artistically appealing about a large elongated head, so why did they do it? Read on to find out why!

This is a photo of a skull found in Peru, notice the elongated back of the skull. This is one of the many Deformed skulls photographed in the Museo Regional de Ica.

This is clearly not a human skull, we have been fed a variety of unlogical explanations as to why this skull has this formation. Several like it were found in Peru with small variations. Many artifacts that were clearly of Egyptian origin were also found in Peru dating back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. However these two cultures and countries were not supposed to have had contact back then being so far from each other. Many odd things are found in Peru, the Nazca lines, a set of animal and geometrical lines engraved onto the ground which extend for miles. Engraving these lines would require a view from above to do them correctly, yet they were not supposed to have aircraft back then. So how did they do it?? This skull gives us a good idea. If they had brains big enough to fit into these skulls they could obviously find ways to fly in aircraft or spacecraft no doubt. A photo of other skulls found in Peru are below.

The next picture is an engraving in Ancient Egypt, notice the hats worn by the two adults, could they be covering their large heads and skulls? Notice the 2 babies, one on the left has an elongated skull, so do the 2 on the right. Could all these facts be just coincidences? Of course not? We are not all that gullible to keep accepting all these foolish arguments for all these obvious alien things we see around the world. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Easter Island, we have been fed a bunch of baloney about the origins of all these incredible works and their builders. We are told in schools that the great pyramid of Egypt took 40 years to build and it's purpose was to bury a pharoah. Come on now, are we that gullible and were the Egyptians that gullible? Of course not, who would spend 40 years of hard labor building a pyramid just to stuff a dead body in it after 40 years of hard work. That hardly sounds logical for such an obviously advanced culture as the Ancient Egyptians. They invented their own language for god sakes, are we to think they were dumb enough to spend 40 years sweating their guts out for only burying 1 body. That is the stupidest thing we have been fed by Egyptologists to date. In Mexico the group of pyramids including the pyramid of the sun are known by people in Mexico by legend as "Place where the gods touch the earth." In all evidence this probably means where the aliens landed. Where they touched the Earth... Think about it, the pyramids are large stone monuments in Mexico with steps going down the sides. What better purpose for the steps than to allow the aliens to climb down the pyramids to the ground. That is the most logical reason for their construction. And to think that primitive people could build something so incredible is well not likely in all logic.

This picture contains 1 Egyptian with some strange device on his or her head, while his friend has an elongated head and slanted eyes. This photo is not artistic in nature as you can see. Their is nothing very artistic about it, so why give the guy such a large head. Because he had one is the most logical answer. Look at the complex code on the tablet, some primitive people didn't do all that, aliens did.

Here are all the skulls found that are elongated at the back. All these skulls are catalogued and genuine. They are all together in a museum.

This object was found at Saqqara, in Egypt. This is one of the flying machines that we see portrayed in Ancient Egyptian paintings on walls and hieroglyphics. Notice the spirals on each side of the object, this is a universal shape, in fact it is the most common geometrical shape in the universe. To represent it in such a way depicts their understanding of the universe, to put it on this plane could signify that they explore the universe. The side view of this object resembles the following hieroglyph below which is found several times throughout Egypt. It looks like a plane of some sort, as does the object above. However I am more inclined to think this was an airship used once in the atmosphere of a planet. Ufo's of the disc type were probably used to enter space, however this plane type could also possibly enter space, however the aerodynamics might be more suitable to an atmospheric environment, such as us using planes to fly in the sky as opposed to the space shuttle.