Alien Races, grey aliens, and other alien races and species

There are in my opinion several alien races, we probably can't count the number. As the universe is incredibly large, however from the evidence here on Earth we Can identify some of the alien races. Here are some of them and their characteristics as far as we know (the general public at least) up to now.

Grey Aliens- Information The head is large by human standard. Eye's are generally slanted, large and black. Nose is usually vague. 2 small nares are visible. Mouth is indicated by a small slit without lips, this appears to be non functional. No teeth in the mouth cavity. The body and head are completely hairless. Torso is described as small and thin, often covered in a metallic garment. Arms are long and thin, and reach to the knees.

Reports of the fingers vary from 3 to 4, long webbed, and possibly with a claw or finger nail. The legs are short and thin, most reports of the feet say that they are covered.

Aliens that lived in Egypt for a while. These are the alien species that spent some time in Egypt several thousand years ago. The Egyptians referred to them as Gods, no doubt because of their amazing technology. There are several statues and carvings of these intelligent and I would think friendly yet not totally honest aliens.

The Reptoids Description: 5-7ft in height, red eyes. resembles a lizard, very intelligent, very nasty


Description: Newest of the Alien species, first seen in Varginha, Brazil in the early 90's. They look something between the reptoids and the greys.


Reptilian beings who are said to have established colonies in Alpha Draconis. Like all reptilians, these claim to have originated on Earth thousands of years ago.

We could literally fill this page up with other different alien species, but to tell you the truth, there is so little evidence of other species that doing so would not be forthright. We want to provide our viewers with the best Ufo and Alien information available.