Pictures of flying saucers and specifically cigar shaped flying saucers

Flying Saucers have been witnessed in the skies for a long time by many people in the past. The wide number of types of flying saucers seen is vast. However a pattern seems to have emerged in the types of crafts witnessed by people around the world. On this page you will find some pictures of flying saucers that are popular in flying saucer sightings around the world.

One popular flying saucer shape is the disc shaped flying saucer seen to the left. Sometimes it is seen with lights and sometimes without lights depending on the time of the day seen or not. It would seem that some flying saucers emit a glow rather than an artificial light.

This photo is an excellent flying saucer picture that was taken quite well as you can see. The flying saucer photo in the top left of this page differs from this one. I imagine that the important part of construction in flying saucers is the disc shape and not all saucers have to be uniform in their design.

In this picture we see a cigar shaped ufo, it is over some mountains near a city. Throughout the years thousands of cigar shaped ufo's have been seen and documented. The sheer number indicates that this cigar shaped ufo is not a figment of a few people's imagination. This flying saucer of the cigar shape could be a transport craft more than a 3 or 4 manned craft, due to its larger size than most disc-shaped flying saucers.

More photos of the cigar shaped ufo coming soon to this page, hopefully some that are in much greater detail. Getting that good picture is not always easy, we are not all equipped with a telephone number to call them and ask them to do a fly by so we can snap a photo of their ufo.

Here is another popular flying saucer type that has also been witnessed several times. In this ufo picture we see several lights and shapes. Could this be different glows emitted by the technology that makes the flying saucer run the way it does. Other similar flying saucers however of a triangular shape have been sighted all over the world. The lights on these crafts are more visible at night however in many cases the glow has been emitted in the day as well.