Costa Rica Spheres pictures, the reason for these spheres is a mystery

This section of our alien site, contains some good pictures of the spheres that are in the Diquis Valley of Costa Rica. I and many others think that the reason for these spheres was for technology of some sort. There is an inventor by the name of David Hamel who uses granite spheres like in Costa Rica for a propulsion device for flight. He uses the spheres in combination with magnets and steel cones. We will be adding a section in this site for David Hamel's inventions which relate to ufo's and ufo propulsion. These spheres could also have been used for creating electricity in the opinion of David Hamel. David's technology can also create electricity using granite spheres. At the end of this page you can read the story on the spheres.


The Landmarks Foundation has been very active in the Diquis Valley of Costa Rica, home of strange and wonderful pre-Columbian Stones Spheres. These Spheres were carved over a thousand years ago and remained in place until the middle of the 20th Century when the area was cleared for banana plantations.

As early as 1948, the Spheres were deteriorating due to exposure to temperature changes, water damage (from rain and irrigation) and from fire used by the United Fruit Company to clear the land. Others were blasted to bits due to the local belief that they contained gold. Many of the Spheres that were not damaged were moved to adorn parks and gardens elsewhere. The Landmarks Foundation is concerned that the remaining Spheres stay in place and is lobbying for the repatriation of those that were removed.

Clearly, the placement of the Spheres was of great significance. Although many theories exist, not one is agreed upon. The granite from which the Spheres were carved was quarried many miles away. The labor and organization needed to transport it testify to a highly advanced society. A sense of sacredness and ritual permeates places where the Spheres were originally placed. It is even possible that they are an earthly map of the night sky millennia past.