Ufo Pictures, Sightings of Ufo's in action

This page contains some excellent ufo pictures and photos of ufo's in action. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these ufo pictures. We invite you to show these ufo pictures to your friends. We update this site frequently with new ufo pictures and photos of ufo's.

ufo pictures 2006 Itchaca, New York-01-16-06-What was unusual about this group of lights was that the colors were a pale yellow, stationary. and very low above the hills in front of me. I quickly retrieved my Olympus C-740 Zoom digital camera from my office. The object was still not moving when I returned and seemed to be of incredible size, like two 747 jets placed together nose to tail. How was it possible that an object this large could stay in the sky, was my first thought. I placed the lens right up against the glass so as not to get any reflection and took three shots. That is when the object began to move very slowly towards the North heading over Cuyuga Lake.



ufo pictures Czaplinek, Poland 1947. This alleged UFO picture has seemingly been shot at Czaplinek in 1947. The picture was taken at an angle looking up over a mountain, and the larger picture makes a much more believable image, giving the object dimension, and scale. Check it out. Early photographs like this are very important, coming at a time when photo manipulation was very difficult compared to present time.




ufo pictures 2006-March 6-Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-GENERAL ALVEAR – A businessman fishing along the banks of the Atuel River managed to photograph a UFO that was suspended in the air for some 30 seconds before it took off in the general direction of the cordillera. The image shows a UFO immersed in a fireball, and it could well be considered a meteorite, although those who saw it say that “given its trajectory and movements, it could not have been one.”



ufo pictures 2006-Toruñ May 20th 2006, 13:39:25.-The photo was taken on May 20th 2006 at 13:39 on a certain Torun housing estate. The anonymous witness didn't see the UFO taking the photo. As he wrote, he was going to took photos of some products to a catalog, setting the balance of white and snapping some random photos. No sounds accompanied the alleged UFO manifestation.



ufo pictures No detailed information about this ufo picture.




ufo pictures No detailed information about this ufo picture.



ufo pictures Of all the cities in all of the world, Las Vegas is probably the one where even those people that claim not to believe in UFOs would probably expect a UFO to land. The only problem is that the town is so strange on its own that most people probably wouldn't even notice the UFO in the sky. Luckily, one tourist did think the UFO in the sky was a bit strange and took a UFO picture.