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This web site contains some excellent recent Ufo Sightings from real people who wrote into us and submitted their stories to Alien-Ufo-Pictures.com. Some of the Ufo sightings give such concrete evidence and in my opinion obvious proof that non-existance of Ufo's and Aliens in the past is unthinkable due to overwhelming traces left behind by them. Let logic guide your heart and mind when you read and visualize the pictures. I am an honest guy and I only seek the truth, I do not consider myself naive either or misguided in my research.

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Ufo Sighting

The fall of 1990, 16 years ago, I was in my home in Almont, MI. Sept. gets dark quite early, it was around 8:00PM. My son, who at the time was around 12 came running in the house saying there was a UFO right outside . I went outside and my son pointed south and upwards and said look! At first I didn't see anything, but I did notice it was unusually dark, then I noticed a very dim light, and suddenly realized that the reason it was so dark was that there was a huge craft right over our driveway. It was at tree level and was moving at approximately a slow walking speed. There was a very distinct humming, exactly like a large transformers hums, there was a very dull light in the middle and as it traveled down or driveway I made out a row of windows around the craft. I remember walking down the driveway with my son, then the next thing I remember is standing out in the field north of my house still looking at the ufo, when suddenly it went from approximately 90 or 100 ft straigh!
 t up in the sky to where it was a pin point of light. It just looked like another star. This happened in under a second. We continued to watch it for quite awhile when it took off in a northwesterly direction like a meteor and was gone in a second. I don't feel like I was abducted, but I honestly do not remember how I got from my driveway and then in the field. I didn't really focus on it that much after the initial day it happened and only really until a few years ago. I have a lot of knowledge regarding aircraft. This will always go down as the most bizarre day in my life. I am now fascinated by UFO's and I know that there out there. Please, if you have any more questions feel free to ask. I have never seen another unusual craft. This was defiantly a UFO, there is no other explanation for it. There is nothing on our planet that I am aware of that could do what I saw! The pilots would be dead just from the G forces.

Ufo Sighting

Hi there, my names Tara, Im not sure if this is much but this is true, it happened when I was about six so I cant remember it clearly but i'll put what I know.
One night, it was a clear night, my dad was outside and then he told some of us to come outside, I was curious so I went outside and in front of the moon was this weird "red light" we looked at it for a few minutes and soon went inside, we didnt see any movement, I didnt think much of it then and now that I think about it, it could have been a UFO.

And thats my story,I hope its some help to you.

A true believer.

Ufo Sighting

Hi, my name is Michelle. About merely a week or two after my now three year old son was born, my brother and I were relaxing downstairs in the evening whilst my son was upstairs snoozing. We live in a dominantly rural area, and on a private lot in the middle of a field near the woods. I was in the kitchen talking to my brother (who was in the same room as I), I just so happened to look outside, as it was a rather clear, beautiful night. The both of us saw a stationary orange dot that appeared a bit larger than a star, but not significantly strange. I assumed it was a planet, and even said to my brother something along the lines of, "oh look how pretty Mars looks tonight." No later had I spoken than the orange "planet" started to slowly descended straight down towards the field. We were both speechless! It started to move faster and my brother became rather nervous and exclaimed, "it's coming down! it's coming down!" Now, I never necessarily believed aliens to be a particular!
 ly harmful race, so I was not as afraid. I just thought to myself "what's the worst they will do? No case of someone dying from alien contact has been recorded." So when my brother became almost hysterical, I just started laughing. The funny thing was, I was quite calm and almost excited to have seen this all happen, not really scared. Then, as it looked like it was going to land in the woods neat our house, it ascended straight back up again at a very great speed and dissappeared. The maneuvers, speed, agility, and color led me to believe it was most certainly not an earthly aircraft. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Ufo Sighting

ufopicture7778.gif (78626 bytes)Hi

I have attached a picture which was taken at Engadine Sydney NSW Australia around April 2006 (around 6:30pm).

I took about 4 other shots 2 before and 2 after shots but this was the only frame which the object appeared.

I am not sure what it is so I'll leave it to you. I hope to hear back from you. (The object is on the right, it is cigar shaped..)



Ufo Sighting

   my name is Cody and my family and I went on vacation to Nauvoo Illinois and at our campsite I was looking up at the stars because they were really bright and I had nothing better to do anyway I was being amazed at how beautiful the stars really are (God did a very good job),and I noticed at first what looked like a star but it was moving and I like everyone thought it was a plane or something but I kept looking at it and noticed no blinking lights like an air plane I ran into our RV and told my family they said it was probably a satellite I went back out and kept watching I saw maybe 8 of those that night it may have been the trick of the eye but I could have sworn one looked triangular and kept changing shapes anotherone I saw was directly above me and just like burst out in light like something exploded another night I saw more and when we returned from our trip I'm always looking into the sky and I'm hardly ever disapointed.

   Then my friend was over at my Grandma's and Papa's who live in Chatsworth Georgia (I live in Dalton) and we were just playing around and I told him about what I had seen so we were looking into the sky like I did and I kept seeing them and he was never looking in the right direction and then finally we saw one both of us and it did like that one before it burst out in light! I said,"dude did you just see that" he said,"yeah man"I said Itold you I was'nt lieing well to every one who reads this I encourage you to look up into the sky sometime and look for something you will usually find one keep a close eye on it and study it see what you find you might be surprised.