Alien Sightings, Close encounters with aliens and ufo's

This page contains some excellent real alien sightings. In this section you will find stories of alien sightings, pictures and photos of aliens encounters. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these sightings, and the information. However as you can imagine fabricating these stories is possible, however after reading some of the stories you will find that the people involved have no motive to do invent stories of this nature. So many people have had alien sightings, and the stories are similar, from all points of the globe. I don't see why so many people would go to all the trouble either of inventing these sightings anyways.

Alien Sighting

Back in the mid 80s I saw a big silver thing floating over downtown Seattle.

I was on a bus on my way downtown. The bus reached the top of the Beacon Hill neighborhood where there is a spectacular view of the city. It was a clear sunny day and there it was. This big silver object over the city. At first I though nothing of it. Then from the direction of Boeing field comes a helicopter speeding toward the object. There were four or five helicopters circling this thing. That got my attention. But soon the bus reached a point where I could no longer see the object.

I was meeting two friends downtown. When I got there they told me about an object they has seen floating over the city near Pike Place Market. They said everyone downtown had seen it. They also said that people just stared at it without speaking for a long time. Then one by one they wandered off, not understanding what they were seeing.

I expected to hear on the news or read in the paper that we had seen a balloon of some kind. But I heard nothing. I never heard another word about it. That's why I remember it at all.

Did anyone else see this thing?

Alien Sighting

You know I personally didn't believe in aliens and such until aobut a year ago. What happened was I was out hunting for rabbits and my father was back at the truck fishing a little bit. I'd been out for a few hours and was comin back to camp when I looked up and followed a little bird across the sky and in the backround i saw what looked like an airplane at first. It was long and silvery mettalic it seemed. It looked like one of those funny planes with the nose bent down, a concord i think they're called,anyways I looked at it funny cus the city of San Angelo, Texas where I doesnt have a big enough airport for a plane that sized.

It didn't take me long to realize though that this thing wasn't moving at all. It was just sorta stationary and was pretty far off so I cant verify that it wasn't making any noise. I started off on a quick pace to tell my dad to look at this thing but he was a ways off and it would take me a bit to get there. So as I was movin along this thing just seemed to dissapear. Not so much as it shot off but like it just blended in with the sky. Like a cameleon only it was invisble all together. When I watched this happen I became very scared and startin runnin as fast as I could to the camp so me and my father could leave as soon as possible. I havent told anyone except my dad about this story cus' I figure some folks might think I'm crazy or just lyin through my teeth. But I figure since I will never meet any of the people who read this I really shouldn't worry.

Alien Sighting

We had another visit here by our huge triangle ship again on Saturday evening (Sept. 22) at approximately 9:30 PM PST. 3 points of light moving in a perfect triangular formation flying North to South, then making a slight turn heading southeast. I put my fist out at arms length and it just barely covered it. We had 9 total witnesses to the event which lasted about 3-4 minutes. Once again, there was no sound.

One woman left the ranch completely speechless. She was a bit of a debunker when she arrived. The only thing her sister could say after that was "That's amazing!" with eyes as wide as dinner plates! It was funny...about 5 minutes before it flew over, she was asking my wife if seeing and experiencing UFOs had changed her life. So my wife turned the tables on her after the triangle flew over, asking her the same question! About the only other words we could get out of her was that she felt no fear at seeing it, which surprised her. That just shows you how well conditioned most people have become from the media.

We are taking this as a possible good sign, mainly because we have had almost no UFO activity here at the Sattva Sanctuary since a few days before the terrorist attacks back on 9-11. However, we did notice a very huge increase in the amount of military aircraft flying over us during this time. Much more than usual. In fact, I was back in Seattle for a few days following the attacks and there was nowhere near the same amount of military jets in the sky there. Coincidence? Perhaps. Common sense would seem to indicate, at least to me, that you would be flying heavy patrols over Puget Sound, especially with all the military bases there. NOT over farmlands and Native American reservations (Yakama).