Alien Sightings, Close encounters with aliens and ufo's

This page contains some excellent real alien sightings. In this section you will find stories of alien sightings, pictures and photos of aliens encounters. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these sightings, and the information. However as you can imagine fabricating these stories is possible, however after reading some of the stories you will find that the people involved have no motive to do invent stories of this nature. So many people have had alien sightings, and the stories are similar, from all points of the globe. I don't see why so many people would go to all the trouble either of inventing these sightings anyways.

Alien Sighting

Night visitors

Mr. XXXX was woken in the night by the sound of a neighbor's dog whining, and a strange feeling. He ventured outside and saw a strange light in the sky. He describes the light as being in three parts, triangular with the brightest point of light in the front.

Mr. XXXX went back inside grabbed his video camera, and filmed for 4 minutes. He describes hearing a muffled noise near the end of his garden and approached and filmed what he called "strange little ghost". Mr. XXXX claimed to have had strange experiences throughout his life and an interest in the paranormal.

Night vision grey

They alien was not spotted until after the film had been developed. The camera was attached to night vision goggles to get the effect.

Alien sighting

Humanoid Creature Encountered in Chile

Eduardo Vega tells of the experience he underwent with his brother in the month of July: In its Wednesday, September 1st edition, Diario La Region de Coquimbo published an interview with Eduardo Vega, one of the witnesses to the mysterious apparition of a creature with non-human characteristics in the El Panul de Coquimbo (4th Region of Chile). Part of this interview is reproduced below. - So, what were you fellows doing in that place? - We own property and whenever we can, we visit it to do some work. In this case, along with my brother Francisco, who is the shift supervisor at the Pelambres Mine (Electrical), we had gone out to receive ad install slabs on the property. - And then what happened?

- It was around 10:00 a.m. when my brother Francisco, who was some 20 meters away from the three of us, shouted desperately: "Come, come!" ... I got scared and we ran over. He pointed toward a spot and that’s when we saw this humanoid figure, which I can’t describe otherwise.

- Don Eduardo, what did that figure look like?

- It stood some 80 cm tall. Shiny, red. Its head was large but we couldn’t make out any eyes or mouth. The figure looked like a small person, a child perhaps wearing a diver’s outfit, with its arms close to the trunk and its legs together.

- How could you estimate its height?

- I told you, I’m a master welder...

- Where was the figure? How far away from you?

- Some 20 meters from us and some 20 meters of the ground. My brother Francisco says he saw it walking and then it took off some 20 meters [into the air].

- How much time went by?

- Like I told you, some 12 to 15 minutes. Out of that time the figure was motionless some seven minutes. It didn’t move at all.

- And you just looked at it...

- Of course, we didn’t even move. Some words were exchanged among the gentlemen who were with us, who were just as surprised. They noticed that some sort of sparks or lights were coming out of the head this image or person or I-don’t-know-what. I would say that they were like the sparks that come out of certain exhaust pipes when they’re very hot.

- How many figures were there?

- Only one. It was only ever one.

- Do you know if someone [else] could have seen it?

- No. In fact, we even thought it might be the infamous Chupacabras, because there’s a henhouse nearby. But no, nothing happened.