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Tiny Humanoid Creature found in Chile

On October first of 2002, while vacationing in the Southern Chilean city of Concepcion, a group of family members found what appeared to be a small humanoid creature. The miniscule being measures about 7.2 centimeters long. It has a relatively large head, two arms with long fingers, and two legs. The discovery was first reported by "Mega News Service", which is the local news channel in the Santiago area.

The next picture is an engraving in Ancient Egypt, notice the hats worn by the two adults, could they be covering their large heads and skulls? Notice the 2 babies, one on the left has an elongated skull, so do the 2 on the right. Could all these facts be just coincidences? Of course not? We are not all that gullible to keep accepting all these foolish arguments for all these obvious alien things we see around the world. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Easter Island, we have been fed a bunch of baloney about the origins of all these incredible works and their builders. We are told in schools that the great pyramid of Egypt took 40 years to build and it's purpose was to bury a pharoah. Come on now, are we that gullible and were the Egyptians that gullible? Of course not, who would spend 40 years of hard labor building a pyramid just to stuff a dead body in it after 40 years of hard work. That hardly sounds logical for such an obviously advanced culture as the Ancient Egyptians. They invented their own language for god sakes, are we to think they were dumb enough to spend 40 years sweating their guts out for only burying 1 body. That is the stupidest thing we have been fed by Egyptologists to date. In Mexico the group of pyramids including the pyramid of the sun are known by people in Mexico by legend as "Place where the gods touch the earth." In all evidence this probably means where the aliens landed. Where they touched the Earth... Think about it, the pyramids are large stone monuments in Mexico with steps going down the sides. What better purpose for the steps than to allow the aliens to climb down the pyramids to the ground. That is the most logical reason for their construction. And to think that primitive people could build something so incredible is well not likely in all logic.